Our Story

 1960 was the peak of women’s suffering from violence and sexism.

Because of the great discrimination against women in that year, an international day was created for the elimination of all sorts of discrimination against women. In the same year, there was another Egyptian woman, Mrs. Marie Nashed, who inspired her relatives to turn her atelier into a large
workshop for the production of clothing, with the entire family participating. Viva is named after Marie Nashed's little sister Victoria. During years of work and the genuine desire to make a difference in the fashion industry, not only locally, but internationally as well, the company succeeded in obtaining the first export order to Poland with 60,000 pieces, with the significant participation of
Marie Nashed’s husband Amin Massoud.

Their son " Boulos Massoud " joined the company after completing special courses in fashion and clothing manufacturing at the Fashion Design Center (FDC).
With the expansion of the company and the inherent development desire of Viva since its inception, the company has been engaged by an American expert, William Eggman to train for the standard size charting and pattern making techniques. And because life is full of ups and downs, Viva was forced to cancel its new manufacturing facility project in Obour city, during the economic crisis that affected the whole world after the events of 11 September 2001. But ambition and hope were renewed in 2003.
The first Viva factory was set up and after 10 years, specifically in 2013, the current factory in New Cairo opened and joined the working family.

By 2016, Viva was able to gain the trust of international institutions. Viva received the first ISO 9001 certificate. International cooperatives succeeded. Viva was nominated in 2019 by IMC to join the Gtex program, which is a project run by the International Trade Center in Geneva to prepare selected SMEs to export the brand. Until successive generations of viva reached the current generation led by Mark, the son of Boulos Amin, and the grandson of Mrs. Marie Nashed pleaded for the inspiration of the story that is still going on.