The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit for your Body Type

The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit for your Body Type

Although swimsuits have been there ever since our generations can possibly remember, we only limit the idea of a swimsuit to bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, whereas there are many other types of swimsuits that could be very useful to numerous people and to different needs. Have you ever heard of other terms, for example, monokini and tankini? Do you know the difference between them or what distinguishes them from other types? Have you ever thought about what kind of beachwear would be more suitable for your body type? What about the fabric of the swimsuit? Have you tried to find the materials that are more suitable for you? If you think about it, there are several questions about beachwear that could bring confusion to a vast majority and answering them would help many people understand more and have more confidence wearing their swimsuit. If this is your concern, then this article would definitely help you find answers to all these questions and more.

Types of swimsuits

Bikinis are considered one of the most common types of beachwear. It consists of two-pieces of various shapes and styles; it can go from very cute to ultra-hot styles.

One-Piece swimsuit
A one-piece is basically a swimsuit but instead of having several pieces, it is just all joined together in one piece. Also, it comes in numerous styles and cuts, all according to each persons’ preferences and comfort.

Monokinis are a hybrid of one- and two pieces. They remain a one-piece suit, but generally have cool cutouts and show lots of skin.

The tankini is a swimsuit that combines a tank-top and a bikini bottom. It is named after tank suits, one-piece bathing costumes of the 1920s worn in tanks or swimming pools.

It is Covering more skin to maintain a higher body temperature in different styles from long to short sleeves and pants.
These suits are comfortable to wear but heavier than a swimsuit

Burkini is a blend of two words mixed together: Burka which means a long, loose garment covering the whole body from head to feet, worn in public by women in many countries. Bikini which is basically a two piece swimming suit for women. Burkini swimsuits are usually a straightforward choice for women who wish to cover their entire body while on their beach vacation.

How to Choose a Swimsuit
Now that we know the different types of swimsuits, are you ready to choose the right shape for you? Ready to pick up your swimsuit and hit the water? No matter the style you choose, your swimsuit will be functional, comfortable, and suitable for any vacation or pool day. Whether you’re going to be riding the waves or floating in a crystal clear pool, I think after these tips you'll have the vision to choose the best for your swimwear.

If you have a pear shaped body type then a high-waisted swimsuit is the swimsuit for you. Pear body types are defined by their larger middles. You may have a pear body type if you carry most of your weight in your torso above your hips.

Wear a bikini suit if you have an hourglass or curvy shape. If you have a small waist and larger hips, you may have an hourglass body type. Emphasize your natural curves by buying a bikini swimsuit.

If you have an apple body shape, A one-piece swimsuit with side editions or moving down the sides and waist will balance your body shape.

If you have a rectangle or straight body shape Ruffles, bold colors and prints, and padding can all help to balance your body shape.

For the inverted triangle body shape which has slim hips and legs with proportionately wider shoulders and bust. Again, ruffles and fringes are very popular features on swimsuits right now. Halter tops are also perfect for this body shape, and should avoid triangle tops and swimsuits with high necklines, which will make your bust look even bigger.

Mixing and matching is also a great option for tall women. On the other hand, Always give your preference to two-piece swimsuits, as one-piece designs will make you look even taller.

Although dark colors slim down your body shape, plus size women can enjoy choosing printed options as well, bearing in mind that fine prints are chosen instead of large and heavy prints. Besides, swimwear with the shirt and supporting lining will balance your body shape.

Compare the color of the suit to your skin tone, you can express your style with the color you choose. Find a color or print that appeals to you that will complement your skin tone. For example, you might opt for a red and white polka dot swimsuit for a vintage look, a swimsuit with pink roses on it for something feminine and romantic, or a dark brown swimsuit that complements your skin tone.

Swimsuits Fabrics
Swimwear is manufactured from natural & artificial fabrics such as polyester, nylon, spandex, and others. Some swimwear are made from a single type of fabric, while others are prepared from a mixture of fabrics. The fabric is selected based on the attributes offered by it and usage of the apparel. For instance, the qualities of Nylon that are most relevant to swimsuit fabrics are:

  • Durability: Nylon is a strong fiber in terms of tensile strength, so it is well strong enough for use as a swimsuit fabric.
  • Colorfastness: Nylon holds color very well in both dyes and prints.
  • Look and Feel: Nylon has a great, soft hand-feel and that is the primary reason for its popularity, in addition to its wider variety of sheens available.
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