Exclusive: Meet The Fashion Stylist Behind Dorra in "الا انا"

Exclusive: Meet The Fashion Stylist Behind Dorra in "الا انا"

Maya El-Bayady's Fashion & Style Insights For Every Girl In Egypt

We have reached out to Maya El-Bayady to learn more from her about the professional styling industry, some fashion advice for all the girls out there who are looking for some fashion tips and shed some light on the styling industry & how to kickstart your way through it. 

Maya El-Bayady Contributions To Egyptian Drama

Maya is a stylist who made some outstanding contributions in some Egyptian drama series'. She made some remarkable contributions in styling some beautiful actors and actresses in many TV shows like:

  • Dorra Zarrouk in "حكاية من اول السطر من مسلسل الا انا"
  • Nermine El-Feky in "حكاية علي الهامش من مسلسل الا انا"
  • Walaa El-Sherif, Caroline Azmi, Sawsan Badr in "ابو العروسة"

How can a girl choose the right style for her?

For a girl to choose the right style for her, she first needs to know her body type, shape and nature. Knowing that is essential for any woman or man to determine which style best fits him or her. It is also important to note that each one of us have some sort of body imperfections and knowing them is important as it will help you better in choosing which style would work best to cover those imperfections.

What are the trendy summer colors in Egypt this year?

This year whatever is light & bright is trendy. Also strong colors like white, green, pink and yellow.

How can Hijab be stylish and comfy especially in the summer season?

I see that Hijab clothing lately doesn't differ much than non-hijab clothing, especially because Hijab has been getting some more attention in the late years from the side of fashion and clothing companies. For me as a stylist, I prefer for Hijab outfits to be simple and avoid including so many layers worn over each other or too many pieces connecting to each other. For example, a simple long sleeved dress with no underneath layering and a simple complementary layer on top of it will look beautiful and feel comfy at the same time.

What are the materials that complements the summer temperatures in Egypt?

Cotton then cotton then cotton. I can't stress enough, and maybe linen.

What about oversized outfits?

As I mentioned earlier, before anyone decides on his or her outfit style of choice, they must first know their body type and nature. Surely oversized outfits are generally more comfortable than regular fit outfits or slim fit outfits especially during the summer season, but for example, a lean and slim body type would most probably not fit nicely in an oversized outfit while on the other hand a chubby or big body shape would benefit from such style.

Which actress role possessed a challenge for you in terms of styling?

Thankfully there were no overwhelming difficulties I faced, but there were some roles which possessed some challenge like Rogena in the TV show "انحراف" because of her several different characters in the show and also Shereen Reda in the movie "مغامارات كوكو".

What's your advice for young people who would like to work as a stylist?

My advice is to first study fashion and colors and afterwards you must have some sort of on field training with other stylists in order to see and observe everything by yourself because you won't be able to know how to use what you have studied with what actually happens on fields and sets, and for that you will need the guidance of an experienced fashions stylist in order to show you the correct path. Last and most importantly you must at first have the desire of fashion styling and be interested and loving of fashion overall, and that important because it will be a main driving factor for your creativity in the job.

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