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Cool and cute onesie!

Very comfy and it warms me a lot...and I love it's design!

الاسعار تجنن

مريح جدا و قيمه مقابل سعر

الخامه ممتازه

بجد الخامه ممتازه والاسعار حلوه اوى والتعامل يجنن ومش اخر تعامل خالص😍🥰

خامه تحفه 😍

الخامه حلوه اوى والتعامل حلو ومش اخر تعامل وسرعه فى الشحن 😍😍

Unisex Graphic Hoodie
Silvia Ossama
الخامه ممتازه و الخدمه روعه و شحن سريع جدا

الخامه تحفه وبجد التعامل معاكم حلو اوى وبجد مش هيبقى اخر تعامل معاكم 😍🥰

The make-up treatment

I ordered a few things before my Christmas trip to Beirut. I was keen on receiving the gifts in two days. The delivery company delayed the delivery twice and i Went furious. I called the brand manager, complained, he explained that the delay is from the third party. Immediately took an Uber. Delivered my five gifts to my doorstep along with gifts as a make-up treatment. The quality is superb, excellent to kill the cold winter, the print variety suits all age groups and the Price is highly competitive.
Way to go!

ماتاريال تحفه وخدمه شيك وسرعه فالتوصيل واحلي من الصور الف مره طلبت اوردرين منكم فيوم واحد بجد شكر

ماتريال تحفه واسرع خدمه توصيل وشياكه فالتعامل واهتمام بعد البيع بجد شكرا جدااا

best quality with low price 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️